they provide you with all that is necessary for you to fully administer your Amazon seller account and have total access to all of its features. Check the link: To put it another way, here is what you will receive: Completely authorized customer who is prepared to make a purchase right now;

A credit card is included; the professional subscription price of $39.99 has already been paid by us; all emails, recovery email logins, and other features are also included.

You will, in essence, obtain each and every piece of information that they had when they registered the account themselves.

Accounts for sale

The majority of what they offer for sale are Amazon seller central accounts that have been completely checked out and are all set to go. Both in the UK/EU and in the USA. Additionally, they may be able to open a bank account for you in the UAE, Australia, and other countries.

  • com is a marketplace in the USA.
  • Canada (CA) marketplace –
  • Mexico (MX) marketplace –
  • Amazon accounts based in the UK or Europe can sell in the following countries:
  • is a marketplace located in the United Kingdom (UK).
  • es is the marketplace for Spain (ES).
  • Marketplace located in Italy (IT):
  • Marketplace located in France (FR):
  • Marketplace located in the Netherlands (NL):
  • Marketplace located in Stheyden (SE):